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Scandal 2 - Rosvaei 2 - رسوایی ۲


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Scandal 2 - Rosvaei 2 - رسوایی ۲

Scandal 2 - Rosvaei 2 - رسوایی ۲

Aref Zahedi enters into a modern and developed city where he observes the daily life of the citizens and warns them about their life style and God’s punishment. His warnings create rumors amongst the citizens about a forthcoming earthquake in the city.

"Till God doesn’t shake you, you will not do anything", says Haj Yusuf, a devoted old man, to the people and the city authority who are involved in social and moral vices. After the warning of Haj Yusuf, the peace of the city is disturbed by the rumor that God is going to send a divine disaster.