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Scabies - Gaal - گال

Scabies - Gaal - گال

Scabies - Gaal - گال

Abolfazl Jalili's docudrama La Gale (Scabies) is about the painful lives of young offenders who are serving time in the reformatories of post-revolution Iran. Young Hamed, arrested for handing out political tracts banned by the Islamic Republic, finds himself in a place of great suffering, in which illiterate and penniless orphans wash floors and sell their own blood. When a disease breaks out in the prison, his life within this harsh environment becomes progressively worse, a near-daily fight for survival. The film is a searing indictment against a government that failed to deliver the on the promises with which it came to power: to deliver social justice to the oppressed and downtrodden. Initially released in the mid 1980s, at a time when Iran was at war with neighbouring Iraq, the film was an unwelcome edition to the Fajr Film Festival, as its theme of prison life was deemed critical of the Islamic Republic. In a re-edited version, the film was released in 1989 to critical acclaim. Twenty-five years on, the film still has an immense power and now finds its rightful place online on IMVBox.

حامد نوجوانی است که به خاطر جرائم کم اهمیت به ندامتگاه نوجوانان فرستاده میشود. رفتار مربیان پرورشی به تدریج در او تأثیر می گذارد و او را با محیط هماهنگ میسازد، لیکن حامد میکوشد با روحیه ای قوی تر از گذشته به خودسازی بپردازد و در پایان در یک دادگاه مخصوص اطفال از همکاری خودداری می کند و بلاتکلیف به ندامتگاه بازگردانده میشود.

Hamed is a teenager who has been sent to the juvenile penitentiary for his minor crimes. The educators' behavior gradually makes him obedient and he tries to become a better person. However, he refuses to cooperate in court and is sent back to the penitentiary.