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Samad Becomes Homeless - Samad Darbedar Mishavad - صمد دربدر می‌شود


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Samad Becomes Homeless - Samad Darbedar Mishavad - صمد دربدر می‌شود

Samad Becomes Homeless - Samad Darbedar Mishavad - صمد دربدر می‌شود
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According to his mother's advice, Samad goes to the city riding on his donkey to learn a craft with Mash Bagher's help.. Someone steals his donkey. Karim Agha, the owner of a real state agency asks his worker Rahim to bring Samad and introduces him as a rural landlord who has come to the city to sell his lands at a lower price. Karim Agha uses Samad's fingerprint under all the fake documents and gives him a job in a building. After some time, he is jobless again. Karim Agha finds him other jobs but Samad misses all of them . Then he sells lottery tickets with his friend Ghouchali. When he decides to return to his village with his 400000 Tomans capital, he meets a woman.

The story is about the journey of a few kids and their teacher to the north of the country. The kids ask their teacher to tell them a story during the drive and the teacher tells the story of sweet granny and rolling pumpkin.

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