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Saint Petersburg - San Peterzburg - سن پطرزبورگ

Saint Petersburg - San Peterzburg - سن پطرزبورگ

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Saint Petersburg - San Peterzburg - سن پطرزبورگ

When the last Russian Tsar is overthrown, his son Nikita Ivanovic Romanov is sent to Iran and raised in a typical Iranian family. Nikita, or 'Karim,' as his family refer to him, is a petty crook and hops in and out of prison with alarming regularity. One day Karim sees an old man get hit by a car. The car driver had orders from some unknown people to do this. Karim and the old man get on another car, thinking it is a taxi. The taxi driver is also a criminal called Farshad. The old man who is a Russian, tells Karim about the treasur and Farshad overhears them. After the old man's death, Farshad and Karim both try to get their hands on the treasure. An enjoyable farce about hidden identity, legacy, and greed.

دو آس و پاس و دله دزد به نام های کریم و فرشاد، خیلی اتفاقی، سرنخی برای یافتن گنج تزار روسیه به دستشان می رسد. بعد از کشمکش های فراوان مجبور می شوند برای یافتن گنج با همدیگر همکاری نمایند…

The movie is a comedy full of adventures, about friendship, bluffing and love.

داستان اين فيلم کمدي پرحادثه در مورد رفاقت، بلوف، عشق و ... است.