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Roots in Blood - Rishe Dar Khoon - ریشه در خون
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Roots in Blood - Rishe Dar Khoon - ریشه در خون

Roots in Blood - Rishe Dar Khoon - ریشه در خون

This 1984 gangster drama follows two wanted criminals, as they attempt to make their way through a small town. When one gets shot by the local police, the other has no choice but to go into hiding. Finding refuge in the house of a local farmer, he discovers they have more in common than he ever thought. Together they begin work on a cunning plan to escape from the police, who are getting worryingly close to discovering him. 'Roots in Blood' is a tragic drama, filled with tension and action. Set in Iran, the film centers around the cat-and-mouse game between gangsters and the local law enforcement.

جوانی به نام حجت، كه بر ضد قانون كاپیتولاسیو ن فعالیت می كند، قرار است به همراه رسول از روستایی به روستای دیگر منتقل شود. حجت در حمله مأموران كشته می شود، اما قبل از مرگ كیف حامل اسناد خود را به رسول می دهد تا به روستای كلارآباد برساند،اما...