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Risk of Acid Rain - Ehtemale Barane Asidi - احتمال باران اسیدی

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Risk of Acid Rain - Ehtemale Barane Asidi - احتمال باران اسیدی

Risk of Acid Rain - Ehtemale Barane Asidi - احتمال باران اسیدی

An elderly bachelor is struggling to adapt to a life of retirement, and still occasionally shows up at the cigarette factory he worked at for 30 years. The old man smokes marijuana every day. He longs to escape his mundane small town existence. An unfortunate event leads to his travel to Tehran. Here, he meets two intriguing characters. The three soon bond and become a somewhat unlikely trio. Subtle humor characterizes Behtash Sanaeeha’s wonderfully balanced directorial debut.

منوچهر کارمند بازنشسته اداره دخانیات که هیچوقت ازدواج نکرده، برای یافتن دوست قدیمی اش از شمال به تهران می آید.او در این سفر با دختر و پسری جوان و متفاوت آشنا میشود که آنها تجربیاتی عجیب را ظرف چند روز برایش رقم میزنند...

The story is about an old man named Monfared who has been living alone for years and is retired. He is struggling with his routine life and loneliness and his attempts to regain his old job have proven futile. Until one day he decides to go to the city and meet his old friend whom he has not seen for about thirty years. He stays at a hotel and meets a girl there. Their relationship leads to a new friendship and this changes his view of life.