Reza - Reza - رضا


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Reza - Reza - رضا

Reza - Reza - رضا

Reza and Fati separate after nine years of marriage. According to Islamic law they have 3 months and 10 days to revoke their divorce if they change their minds. Reza who still loves Fati attempts to start a new life, but Fati will not depart from his life, or his mind, so easily. Reza is an author and starts writing a story about his ancestors who years ago immigrated to the historic holy city of Isfahan. His story begins with a hundred-year-old man, abandoned by his family and left to die in the desert.

فاطی از رضا طلاق می‌گیرد اما رضا هنوز او را دوست دارد و نمی‌خواهد او را فراموش کند

Reza and his wife are going to divorce. But they have an opportunity for one month and ten days to regret and revert to life again.

رضا و همسرش از هم طلاق می‌گیرند اما سه ماه و ده روز وقت دارند که اگر پشیمان شدند به هم رجوع کنند.


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