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Revenge - Talafi - تلافی

Revenge - Talafi - تلافی

یک زن و شوهر تصمیم به طلاق می گیرند. اما روز پیش از طلاق شوهر متوجه میشود که زنش سرطان دارد و نهایتا ۲ ماه دیگر زنده است؛ بنابراین تصمیم می گیرد تا مانع طلاقشان شود و بعد از مرگ همسرش اموالش به او به ارث برسد....

Rana and Amir who had wed out of love three years ago in spite of their cultural, financial and social class differences, now want to get divorced. Just before notarizing their divorce papers, Amir hears from Rana's doctor that she has blood cancer and will be dead in two months. Amir, who has been affected by the news, tries to pay more attention to Rana, and every time he changes their date for the notary by some trick. Their subsequent meetings bring love back to their relationship. Rana, who didn't know about her cancer, after hearing from her doctor that she has been healed, finds Amir actions as hypocritical and furiously drives him away. But after an accident and Amir's sacrificial act, Rana believes in love once again.