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Resistance - Moghavemat - مقاومت

Resistance - Moghavemat - مقاومت

Resistance - Moghavemat - مقاومت

This riveting war drama focuses on a group of intrepid volunteers who take it upon themselves to help troops in Abadan break an Iraqi siege. However, these would-be heroes are met with countless hurdles to prevent them from achieving their goal; Iraqi road blocks bar the way to the city, while anything that comes within close proximity is bombed to smithereens. The group finally decides to get to Abadan the one way they haven’t tried – by sea. Vivid imagery and captivating performances from the leads breathe new life into the Iran-Iraq subject matter.

In the first few days of Iran-Iraq war, an Iranian squad is sent to Abādan to break the siege there. Since there’s no way of getting to Abādan by land, the squad has to go there by sea. While in the sea, a storm hits and the squad lose their way. The soldiers get caught in a storm and start evaluating themselves and the life they have lived so far. ...

نخستین روزهای حمله عراق به ایران، آبادان در محاصره دشمن قرار گرفته و گروهی برای یاری دادن دیگر نیروهای جنگی و شکستن حصر آبادان عازم خوزستان می شوند. از آنجا که رفتن به آبادان از راه زمینی امکان ندارد ناچار راه دریا را در پیش میگیرند. سوار برلنج مقداری از راه را طی می کنند که گرفتار طوفان می شوند و گروهی از آنها راه را گم می کنند. افراد گروه با مشکلات و
سختی ها راه به ارزیابی خود میپردازند...