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Mute Contact - Rabeteh - رابطه

Mute Contact - Rabeteh - رابطه

Mute Contact - Rabeteh - رابطه

Nasser, a 15 year old mute youth, lives with his parents and onlty sister. Because of his disability, his family fails to satisfy his needs and his fellows don't show him any kindness. However, he gets involved in some mental stress which causes him keep away from people and becomes isolated. His teacher realizes the problem and tries with the help of Nasser's family to awaken his hopes of life and make to understand the point that he is the one who is the one who is in need and therefore he must appeal to the hearing society. The family after recognizing their wrong course of actions try to correct their manners towards the boy and establish better relations. Nasser also, after forgetting about his internal contraversies of attitude becomes aware of his own weaknesses and tries to develop a more solid and sturdy self dependence. By using his other abilities, exercising continually, and making every endeavour to talk, he gets rid of his mental crisis. Finally he succeeds getting out of seclusion. Alireza Rezaeyan (Nasser) who is indeed a mute boy has now been able to overcome his handicap and now is able to perform his key role so well that in addition to his true life surroundings he transmits this mute-contact to the spectators of the film regardless whether these spectators can hear or not, but the main point is that "no man should ever give up hope of life."

ناصر، نوجواني ناشنوا و لال قادر به ايجاد رابطه با اطرافيان خود نيست. پدر و خواهرش به او بي توجه اند و دل سوزاندن مادر به حال او بي فايده است. ناصر تحت فشار اطرافيان و خانواده از همه كس و همه چيز دلزده است، اما پس از آن كه معلمش او را در عدم برقراري رابطه با اطرافيان مقصر مي داند به خود مي آيد. سرانجام پس از آن كه تا حدودي قدرت تكلم مي يابد با دسته گلي به ديدار معلم مي رود.

Nasser is a deaf-mute teenager who is unable to communicate with others.His father and sister don't care much about him and his mother's sympathy doesn't do good to him either. Nasser is under pressure from every side and jaded.. But when his teacher reproaches him for his lack of contact, he is wakened. Finally, when he gains some speaking skills, he goes to see his teacher with a flower bouquet.