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Relations - Ravabet - روابط

Relations - Ravabet - روابط

Relations - Ravabet - روابط
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Ahmad, a sociopathic psychiatrist, aspires to become a successful writer, drawing his inspiration from Hemingway, Chandler, Tolstoy and even his own patients. Fuelled by the resentment he feels for his wife, Ahmad manipulates the people that surround him in an attempt to understand the human condition. Events take a dark turn when Ahmad holds a patient captive with the intention of using him as a subject for his upcoming story.

فیلم به داستان یک مهندس ساختمان می پردازد که جهت معالجه مشکلات روانیش پا به مطب یک روانپزشک می گذارد و در مطب پزشک محبوس می شود و در ادامه مشخص می شود که خود پزشک هم مشکلات پیچیده روحی و روانی دارد و از مهندس محبوس به عنوان سوژه نمایشنامه اش استفاده می نماید. اما...


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