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Red Garden - Baghe Ghermez - باغ قرمز

Red Garden - Baghe Ghermez - باغ قرمز

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Red Garden - Baghe Ghermez - باغ قرمز

Once abandoned by a successful architect, free-spirited single mother Elmira now hopes to remarry and secure a happy future for herself and her young daughter. But when her daughter is suddenly kidnapped, the authorities fear it could be related to a recent mysterious murder, and the future for Elmira and her family now looks very bleak indeed in this stirring mystery drama.

در جریان ردگیری قاتل دختر بچه مشخص می شود كه پدر كودك یك جراح زنان است كه چندی پیش زمان زایمان یكی از بیمارانش كه زنی بوده با مشكل زایمان، در مرخصی بوده و.....

This film is about the relationships of Davod and Mahnaz from the southern part of the city and also doctor and his wife from the northern part of the city, as well as the forced and free wills in these relationships and events which occur.

روابط انساني ميان داوود و مهناز از جنوبي ترين نقطه شهر و روابط انساني دكتر و همسرش از شمالي ترين نقطه شهر... جبر و اختيار در اين روابط ...و حوادثي كه به موقع مي پيوندند.