Red Flower - Gole Sorkh - گل سرخ

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Red Flower - Gole Sorkh - گل سرخ

Red Flower - Gole Sorkh - گل سرخ
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Driver Khalil and an accountant referred to as 'Engineer' take to the road to pay their workers, but soon become embroiled in a series of events beyond their imagination. After picking up an ailing woman and her young nephews and nieces, the group becomes hopelessly lost in the desert. When a castle looms high on the horizon, they have no idea what awaits them inside. A blend of drama, suspense, and mystery, this thrilling film is entertaining throughout.

Synopsis by

Mohammad Naji
Mohammad Ali Keshavarz ( محمدعلی کشاورز ), Siamak Atlasi, Reza Saberi, Fathali Oveisi ( فتحعلی اویسی ), Mina Naji, Mehri Mehrnia (مهری مهرنیا), Hasan Farazmand, Hamid-Reza Sadeghi, Parviz Nik-Manesh, Khosro Motamedi, Asghar Amin-Akbari, Mohammad Rasekh, Masoud Sadeghian (مسعود صادقیان), Mehregan Bakhtiar, Mohammad Reza Azimi, Reza Ahmadi, Reza Naji (رضا ناجی)
Make up
Maryam Bakhtiar, Ahmad-Reza Esmaeel-Zadeh


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