Raspberry - Tameshk - تمشک

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Raspberry - Tameshk - تمشک

Raspberry - Tameshk - تمشک
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Rezvan is a surrogate for wealthy couple Hamid and Homa. Despite their different outlooks on the world, the couple have trusted her to carry the child they always wanted. However, when a devastating accident takes place, it looks as if Rezvan will have to give up the child. This is not the least of her worries, as she also has to contend with an emotionally unstable brother-in-law and the painful recollections of her late husband. The coming birth is the only ray of light she can see in a bleak future, and now even that seems uncertain. As the date draws nearer, Rezvan continually wonders if life can be like the raspberry bush and if some good can come from bad circumstances.

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