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Rana's Silence - Sokoote Rana - سکوت رعنا


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Rana's Silence - Sokoote Rana - سکوت رعنا

Rana's Silence - Sokoote Rana - سکوت رعنا

Ranna is a seven-year-old girl who lives in a village located in north of Iran; she owns a special hen, Kakoli, which is a commemorative from his grandmother. She affectionately loves it. Meanwhile, Kakoli is hunted by a jackal. She gets too depressed and becomes dumb. Rahman, her brother, decides to put the eggs under the other hens but he doesn't know that his mother has sold the eggs to a peddler. He tends to find the painted eggs and ...

Rana is a seven years old girl who lives in one of the villages in northern Iran. She has a special chicken named Kakoli which is a gift from her late grandmother. Rana loves the chicken very much. When the chicken lays eggs, Rana draws baby chicks on the eggs with her color pencils. She has a 12 years old brother named Rahman. They gather the chicken’s eggs so that they can have a chick just like Kakoli, until one night Kakoli is hunted by a jackal and Rana becomes mute and depressed. Rahman decides to put Kakoli’s eggs under another chicken so that they become chicks, but his mother has sold the eggs. Rahman goes to the farmers market to find the colored eggs and help Rana become better but…


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