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Rabidity - Hari - هاری

Rabidity - Hari - هاری

Rabidity - Hari - هاری

Friends since childhood, Shahrokh (Milad Keymaram) and Siavash (Alireza Kamalinejad) have become embroiled in petty crime during their formative years. The hot-headed Shahrokh has a penchant for gambling and has always relied on Siavash for support when his back is pressed up against a wall. While Shahrokh seems destined to continue his life of crime, the married Siavash is seeking to change his ways. One fateful day he chases after a thief and retrieves a bag that he snatched from a woman (Hengameh Ghaziani) on the street. However, when Siavash goes to return the bag to the woman, he finds that there is far more to her than meets the eye...

پدری که زندگی بسیار بدی داشته است و در خانواده ی بدی بزرگ شده تمام تلاش میکند که فرزندانش بهترین زندگی ممکن را داشته باشند و سختی هایی که او کشیده را تجربه نکنند...

I endangered myself so that everything will be fixed or not… Everything I do is for my children, so that they will not grow up in the allies that I growed up in.