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Punishment - Keifar - کیفر

Punishment - Keifar - کیفر

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Punishment - Keifar - کیفر

Siamak (Mostafa Zamani) tries desperately to raise blood money to save his brother from death row. Siamak is robbed in the process, setting him on a path of discovery. As he tries to find the thieves who took the money, his brother's sinister secrets begin to reveal themselves, plunging him into a new world of danger and deceit. Still determined to dig deeper, his brother's crimes are the least of his worries when hidden agendas threaten to destroy the life he had hoped for.

A middle aged man is sentenced to death being accused of murdering a young man. His family are trying to convince the parents of the victim to forgive him.. They have provided the blood money but it is stolen while they are transferring it from the bank.

مردي ميانسال به دليل قتل يك جوان در آستانه قصاص است. خانواده وي در تلاش جلب رضايت اولياء دم هستند و در اين رابطه مبلغي را به عنوان پول ديه جور كرده اند كه هنگام انتقال آن از بانك توسط چند سارق دزديده مي شود و...