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Private Life - Zendegi Khosoosi - زندگی خصوصی

Private Life - Zendegi Khosoosi - زندگی خصوصی

Intense thriller following a religious newspaper editor who is faced with temptation. When Ibrahim (Farhad Aslani) meets a young writer who is seemingly interested in a job, things quickly take a turn. A gripping story of paranoia and obsession then ensues, culminating in the most unexpected of climaxes.

Ibrahim Kiani is one of the passionate revolutionaries of the early days of 1979 revolution. We see parts of his life during these thirty years; he is an active participant in demonstrations against bad Hijab and against Film Farsi and advices others to participate more. He held important positions in prison and the justice system and was pulled into a big monetary situation… He now is a reporter of different style from his younger years and now prefers moral rules over the religious ones. His appearance has changed and has a wife that is suitable for his current situation. You can tell they have been married for less than ten years based on the age of their child and they have a close relationship. He goes to a party with his wife. The host of the party, Mr. Rasoli, is a modern person and asks him to visit Haj Safarian so that they can make up, but the opposite happens. Safarian accuses Kiani of deviation and Kiani tells him that he has used the newspaper to reach a ministerial position. During that same party, he meets a young woman named Parisa Zandi who later comes to the newspaper with some stories and articles for publication. His stories are not good to be published but their relationship continues. On a day when his wife and child are away visiting in laws, Kiani brings Parisa to her house and temporarily marries her. He stays with her for three days but later on uses difficulties in work and family to break up the relationship despite Parisa’s desire to continue. He stops taking her calls and has a harsh interaction with her. But Parisa will not let this go and even befriends kiani’s wife to show him that he cannot escape. Parisa tells Kiani that she is pregnant and he has to take responsibility for the child and threatens him. Kiani first tries to scare her with his old and influential friends but is not successful and then decides to do something himself. He invites Parisa into his car with the excuse that he is ashamed for his actions and….