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Pope - Pop - پاپ

Pope - Pop - پاپ

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Pope - Pop - پاپ

This episodic drama focuses on the lives of a minority family in Booshehr. Toomaj, the family's eldest son, hopes to join his love Shirin in London by swimming across the English Channel. His sister, meanwhile, has opted to seclude herself from society due to the colour of her skin, but the upcoming papal election may spell an end to her misery. Finally, young student Hasti searches for a way to free her fiance Ali from prison in time for a trip to Mexico.

روزهای انتخاب پاپ جدید در واتیکان است. اگر پاپ بعدیِ سیاه باشد، زندگی یک خانواده سیاهپوست در بوشهر عوض میشود. اگر پسرشان بتواند سیزده مایل را شنا کند، میتواند وقتی قاچاقی به فرانسه رسید کانال مانش، را رد کند و به عشقش در منچستر برسد. اگر مستاجر سفیدشان پول جور کند میتواند شلاق های نامزدش که در شلوغی های دانشگاه حکم خورده را بخرد و آزادش کند

One of the stories of this film is about the time when a pope is selected in Vatican and is black and from Nigeria; a special thing happens in our movie. This film tells the story of a part of black people’s lives who had to immigrate from their homeland because of necessity years ago. They immigrated to get away from pity and poverty, illness and death and misery and helplessness, so that they will no longer need to be a slave and their rights will be equal with the whites. The story of the film follows the members of a family and their problems.