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Play - Bazi - بازی

Play - Bazi - بازی

Play - Bazi - بازی

'Play' is a startlingly original film about Soraya, a precocious little girl who narrates her own story whilst playing in her mother's garden. With a powerful sense of curiosity dominating her mind, Soraya sets out on a mission to explore her surroundings. Director Gholam Reza Ramezani presents a unique and nostalgic film portraying family and childhood in Iran.

ثريا با اسباب بازي هايش در حياط بازي مي كند. در يك لحظه متوجه صداي بازي بچه هاي همسايه مي شود و مي خواهد با آن ها بازي كند، اما مادر باز هم نمي پذيرد. درگيري و بحث بين آن ها به اوج مي رسد. مادر، عروسكي به او مي دهد تا بازي كند. ثريا نمي پذيرد و اصرار دارد با بچه هاي همسايه همبازي شود.

Soraya is playing with her toys in the yard.Suddenly she notices children who are playing in the neighborhood. She wants to go outside and play with them, however, her mother does not consent. The conflict and dispute between Soraya and her mother gets high. The mother gives her a doll, yet Soraya wants to get out and she insists on playing with the kids in the neighborhood.