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Plaque - Pelak - پلاک


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Plaque - Pelak - پلاک

Plaque - Pelak - پلاک

Eight commandos, commanded by Capt. Hashemi, will be tasked to create a map of the fortifications and landmine areas by penetrating the enemy-occupied area. After completing their mission, all the people except the commander of the group are killed in a clash with the enemy, and the commander, who carries the body of one of his comrades, backs to the bases of his forces with maps.

Eight members of the Special Infiltration Forces are appointed to infiltrate into the Iraqi Special Forces and take the charge of their base for some time. Several battalions are martyred while carrying out this mission, but others are making progress with the plan.

هشت نفر از گردان نیروی مخصوص ارتش مامور نفوذ در نیروهای ویژه عراقی می شوند و پادگان نیروهای ویژه عراق را مدتی دراختیار می گیرند . چند تن از افراد گردان ضمن انجام این ماموریت به شهادت میرسند اما بقیه موفق به انجام نقشه های خود می گردند.