Persian Prince - Shahzadeh Irani - شاهزاده ایرانی‌


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Persian Prince - Shahzadeh Irani - شاهزاده ایرانی‌

Persian Prince - Shahzadeh Irani - شاهزاده ایرانی‌

A long time ago, an Iranian prince was commissioned to defeat a famous warrior and drag him handcuffed to the King. He was to be awarded the kingdom of Iran upon accomplishing this mission. Therefore along with his brother, three children and a small army, the brave, understanding, lovely prince set out to the warrior’s lands, but the warrior was determined to keep the bright memories of his heroic acts alive and not surrender…

Esfandiar who is a young and brave prince, calls on her elderly father, Goshtasb, to give him the kingdom of Iran. Goshtasb believes that transferring the kingdom is possible only when the elderly champion, Rostam, is captured. He is ruling in Sistan and disgraces the imperial system. The young prince, Esfandiar, and his army move to Sistan. But Rostam, this old champion, is not a man who gives up easily...

اسفندیار شاهزاده ی جوان و دلاور، از پدر کهنسال خود «گشتاسب» می خواهد که پادشاهی ایران زمین را به او واگذارد. گشتاسب تنها راه واگذاری پادشاهی ایران زمین را در بند کردن پهلوان کهنسال «رستم» می بیند که در سیستان بر تخت پادشاهی نشسته و دستگاه شاهنشاهی را خوار می شمارد...
شاهزاده جوان، «اسفندیار»، با سپاه خود به سمت سیستان به راه می افتد، اما رستم، این پهلوان پیر نه هر کسی است که دست به بند دهد...


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