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Peep - Nokhodi - نخودی


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Peep - Nokhodi - نخودی

Peep - Nokhodi - نخودی

After a puppeteer is fired and his show is closed down, he meets a fortune-teller who casts a spell on him, causing him to shrink every time he is insulted. He attempt to return to normal size with the help of a legendary character of an Iranian folk tale, but his destiny takes a different turn.

A director of puppet show is not successful in his work and by each failure he is belittled and humiliated more and more. But meeting the Dummy in the land of stories changes his life.

يك كارگردان تئاتر عروسكي كه در انجام نمايش هايش ناموفق است با هر شكست و تحقير كوچك و كوچك تر مي شود اما ملاقات با نخودي در سرزمين قصه ها، زندگي او را تغيير مي دهد.


iran proud