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The Base from Hell - Paygahe Jahannami - پایگاه جهنمی


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The Base from Hell - Paygahe Jahannami - پایگاه جهنمی

The Base from Hell - Paygahe Jahannami - پایگاه جهنمی

Based on the reports of construction of an enemy base, a mission is assigned to navy rangers to form a team and go to the enemy territory in order to take down their base. This mission is given to Lieutenant Baay. In the beginning of the mission, one of Baay's soldiers is captured and another one gets killed, but other soldiers get to destroy enemy's base with the support of a frigate, and then run away into the reed beds. On their way back, they are ambushed by Iraqi forces but are rescued just when they are about to be captured; with a wise plan, they are brought to Iran waters and Iraqi battleships are shot drowned.

دشمن در خاک خود پایگاهی قدرتمند ساخته است...


iran proud