Pay Back - Tasvie Hesab - تسويه حساب

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Pay Back - Tasvie Hesab - تسويه حساب

Pay Back - Tasvie Hesab - تسويه حساب
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Ziba and three of her prison cohorts, recently released from a Tehran prison, settle in an out of town doctor's house posing as house sitters and embark on a get rich quick scheme. Ziba's plan for the women is a scam involves kidnapping unsuspecting male drivers them after one of the women uses her feminine guiles posing as a pedestrian. The women then kidnap and extort money from the men at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Sara battles drug addiction, while another's sister's abusive husband fights with her and threatens the whole scheme. The women seek a kind of moral justice but will they persevere in a man's world?


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