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Outlaw - Yaghi - یاغی


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Outlaw - Yaghi - یاغی

Outlaw - Yaghi - یاغی

Dad Mohammad joins the other villagers trying to migrate to the city. Due to a drought, he can not afford to pay his annul fee to the lord so he has to leave his lands behind. According to an advice from Seyed (a teacher who is exiled to their village), Dad Mohammad changes his mind and remains in the village to protest against the cruelty of the lord. The lord who can not tolerate any kind of resistance and protest, makes Dad Mohammad arrested through a plot but he escapes and hides in Karbalaei's (the religious old man of the village) house while he is injured. When they find his hideout, he escapes to the mountains and hides there. Men of the lord arrest Karbalaei and whip him in the public. Punishing Karbalaei causes the villagers to join Seyed and Dad Mohammad protesting the lord, The lord escapes from the village but brings some government forces to the village through his influence. The commander of the forces introduces himself as the plenipotentiary representative of the government and accepts to sign the agreement between the sides to stop the conflict. Dad Mohammad and Seyed go to a specified location to sign the agreement but they are surrounded and are shot. Dad Mohammad's wife and other villagers do not allow the forces to exit the village and kill all of them.


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