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Orange Days - Roozhaye Narenji - روزهای نارنجی


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Orange Days - Roozhaye Narenji - روزهای نارنجی

Orange Days - Roozhaye Narenji - روزهای نارنجی

Aban, a 45-year woman is a contractor who employs seasonal female workers to pick the orange gardens in North of Iran. As the only woman in such manly job, she’s winning a competitive tender for the largest orange garden in the region, however, her men rivals are not just sitting around and they start making obstructions for her contract.

این فیلم داستان زندگی پر فراز و نشیب «آبان» زنی میانسال است، که واسطه استخدام کارگران زن فصلی برای کار در باغهای مرکبات شمال کشور می‌باشد.