Ongoing Smile - Labkhande Bi Payan - لبخند بی پایان

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Ongoing Smile - Labkhande Bi Payan - لبخند بی پایان

Ongoing Smile - Labkhande Bi Payan - لبخند بی پایان

At the age of 74, many people retire and spend the rest of their life in a retirement home. But Kim Dong-Ho has made the decision to live like a young and energetic man until the end of his life. He gets up early around 4 am every morning. He exercises, checks the news and responds to emails. After that, he takes the bus a university of film and media which he founded 2 years prior. KIM is the same man whom established the largest Asian Film Festival when he was almost 60 years old. Now that he is 74 years old, he has just decided to make his first film as a director. Kim is a very respectful man and at times he seems a bit shy, but when the occasion comes along to dance with Juliette Binoche, the french superstar, even a very young man would not able to match his performance...


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