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Principles - Yeki Az Ma Do Nafar - یکی از ما دونفر

Principles - Yeki Az Ma Do Nafar - یکی از ما دونفر

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Principles - Yeki Az Ma Do Nafar - یکی از ما دونفر

The film is a love story of two architects who come from two different worlds and worldviews are different and thought-provoking.

سارا که پس از پایان تحصیلات مهندسی تازه از آمریکا برگشته، برای استخدام به شرکتی می‌رود که بابک مدیر آن است. بابک که از به هم خوردن نامزدی سارا باخبر است…

Sara has returned from America after finishing her studies in architecture and goes to a company for hiring. The manager of this company is Babak. Babak gets aware of Sara’s engagement being fallen apart and takes her to his office to attract her like all the other girls. But Sara is a different girl and is very serious in preparing a festival from areas of Iran besides a historical site. Babak’s different and repetitive tactics has no effect on her. The hiring of Mehrdad, Sara’s childhood friend causes problems for both of them and somehow leads to Mehrdad getting fired because of Babak’s jealousy. Sara is able to replace the festival’s tent after it catches fire with a fire retardant one but quits immediately because of the fight between Mehrdad and Babak and her hidden feelings toward Babak. The next day when Sara comes to settle her account with the company, Babak does not let her leave and Sara jumps from a balcony and is seriously injured. Four or five years later, Sara and Babak see each other again in a historical building. Babak confesses that he loves Sara but Sara says nothing of her love. While leaving the place, Babak follows Sara’s car...