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Once a Woman - Zamani Yek Zan - زمانی یک زن


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Once a Woman - Zamani Yek Zan - زمانی یک زن

Once a Woman - Zamani Yek Zan - زمانی یک زن

Homa Shaker who is challenging a fatal disease has not heard about his brother, Arash for a long time. Arash has gone to Kenya for his dreams. Homa starts her bag pack travel by bike from France and goes to the locations that Arash was there to find a sign from him. She finds a new cognition of life in this searching.

این فیلم روایت چند جستجوست، جستجوهایی که آدم‌ های قصه را به شناخت دیگری از خود و جهان پیرامون می‌ رساند


iran proud