Okay Mister - Okey Mester - اوکی مستر


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Okay Mister - Okey Mester - اوکی مستر

Okay Mister - Okey Mester - اوکی مستر

William Knox D'Arcy goes to a village in Iran, seeking a concession for extracting petroleum. The villagers do not welcome him. Thereby, he decides to change the villagers’ beliefs and traditions. With the help of his accomplices, he brings a girl, named Cinderella, to the village. With the girl’s entrance to the village, the Western products find their way there as well. There, only one person opposes them, and he is the elder of the village. As the time passes, the villagers lose their own accent and language; and start talking in English. In spite of all these changes, Knox D'Arcy is still suspicious of the possibility of signing a contract for extracting oil. Meanwhile, Cinderella is raped, and this provides an alibi for Knox D'Arcy to claim for tolls. To compensate the crime, an oil exploration and extraction contract should be signed.Meanwhile , the only person who tries to remind the villagers of their lost identities is the elder of the village. However, the villagers are so fascinated by the imported products that they have forgotten this issue. By the end, as Cinderella is raped and, as a result, the villagers are insulted by Knox D'Arcy, they become aware of their situation, and so start acting against him. Although, being beat-up , they manage to make D'Arcy get away. Finally, what is left is the village and its oil seller, and the village houses that are completely full of plastics and colored papers.

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