Octopus - Okhtapus - اختاپوس

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Octopus - Okhtapus - اختاپوس

Octopus - Okhtapus - اختاپوس
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A highly entertaining fantasy/musical, 'Octopus' focuses on the misadventures of a young fox-girl. Living a life of isolation in the woods, one day a suave, magic performing man visits the fox-girl and invites her on an adventure. Hesitant at first, the fox-girl is eventually persuaded into joining him. However, far from the adventure she once thought, the fox-girl is taken by the man to a city and quickly given to a rich woman as a slave. Stuck in this new, foreign place full of people all with their own agendas, will the fox-girl ever be able to escape? And if so, just who will come to save her?


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