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Nowhere, Nobody - Hich Koja, Hich Kas - هیچ کجا هیچ کس

Nowhere, Nobody - Hich Koja, Hich Kas - هیچ کجا هیچ کس

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Nowhere, Nobody - Hich Koja, Hich Kas - هیچ کجا هیچ کس

When a down-and-out couple, Mehran and Marjan, plan the audacious robbery of a jewellery store, it seems like it will be an easy score. That is, until they involve their friends Davood and Yalda. Davood is completely penniless, having married Yalda in secret, and together they hope to raise enough money to flee the country and escape her disapproving father. But a larger crew means a smaller share, and the friends soon find themselves divided by greed and betrayal. As the situation escalates, the would-be robbers find themselves in more danger than they ever anticipated, where the greatest threat could be the very people they trust the most.

هيچ کجا هيچ کس قصه ي رابطه هاي دچار سوء تفاهم و به تبع آن به انزوا رسيده است. در اين فيلم انسان ها تنهايي را به حضور ديگراني گره مي زنند که نه تنها التيامي بر زخم شان نيست که افزاينده ي رنج ناشي از رها شدگي ست.فيلم هيچ کجا هيچ کس روايتي خطي و ساده ندارد چرا که شخصيت هاي فيلم نيز قرار نيست با هم رو راست باشند اين فيلم پاره پاره مخاطبش را به عمق اتفاق ها مي کشد و مدام به بيننده اش متذکر مي شود که هرکدام از اين کاراکترها مي تواني تو باشي و يا همين الان هستي پس درست تصميم بگير.هيچ کجا هيچ کس همه جا براي همه کس ممکن است اتفاق بيفتد.

This film is about the relationships and misunderstandings . In this film, humans tie loneliness to the presence of the other, and it not only does not heal their wounds but also adds to their suffering caused by being released. The story does not follow a straight line because the characters in the film do not need to face each other and this film pulls the viewer into the happenings gradually and constantly reminds its viewers that you could be one of its characters or you are one of them, so make a right decision. The story of 'No Where No Body' can happen to everybody everywhere.