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Nowruz - Norouz - نوروز


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Nowruz - Norouz - نوروز

Nowruz - Norouz - نوروز

While the Iranian warriors are fighting against Iraqi forces, Nowruz, a Basiji teenage, manages to gain an Iraqi water reservoir and move it to his village. When the front hangman stops him, he says that there is no clean water in his village and he is going to take the tank there. The head of the hangman opposes Nowruz and commands to keep the reservoir in a fence. Nowruz refuses to get out of the tank, and while he fails to convince the military police, he moves the tank at night and goes to his village. The hangman who is angry with Nowruz, pursues him and several unexpected events take place between them. In all the situations, it is Nowruz who has the leading point and the hangman is always behind him until Nowruz finally arrives at the village.


iran proud