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The Private Cemetry - Gabrestane Gheire Entefaei - قبرستان غيرانتفاعی


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The Private Cemetry - Gabrestane Gheire Entefaei - قبرستان غيرانتفاعی

The Private Cemetry - Gabrestane Gheire Entefaei - قبرستان غيرانتفاعی

During the wedding ceremony of Farokh and Sogol, it has been decided that Farokh’s uncles make up after years. With the insistence of the family’s elders, they make up and start a party, but while dancing, these two began to argue again and ruin the wedding ceremony. Entezam the elder who is Farokh’s father has a heart attack because of this and dies at midnight. Entezam, Farokh’s uncle has a big piece of land, but has no license for it and has been asking Nasir, Farokh’s other uncle, for years to create an illegal construction license for him, but Nasir will not do this so he holds a grudge against him. Maliheh, the wife of Nasir, and Taji, the wife of Entezam, have a good relationship with each other and both consider Sogol a bad luck and cursed bride that caused his father-in-law to die on the wedding night and do not want to be in contact with her. During the funeral, Entezam hears a conversation between the guests and gets an idea to create a private cemetery. From there he goes to his land and after taking the measurement of the land, begins to make his private cemetery. He talks about this with Farokh who has a semi bankrupt advertising company. Farokh is completely against him but Sogol agrees with his idea and begins to work with Entezam against Farokh's wish. They began to have disagreements since then and Sogol uses her mahr, which is half of the company, to push Farokh aside. Farokh takes shelter in his uncle Nasir’s house. Sogol who is making good money with Entezam sells graves in different blocks with high prices. Uncle Nasir tries to talk to Sogol about this, but Sogol only wants a divorce. Finally, Farokh and Sogol get a divorce and Farokh, with uncle Nasir’s suggestion, throws Sogol out of the house and takes refuge in the company. Entezam who did not have a good life with the cross-eyed and infertile Taji, falls in love with Sogol and buys a house for her and asks for her hand in marriage and is ready to do anything for her such as learning to fly because Sogol loves to fly. After going to a few classes, Entezam realizes that…


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