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Never Without You - Bi To Hargez - بی‌تو هرگز


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Never Without You - Bi To Hargez - بی‌تو هرگز

Never Without You - Bi To Hargez - بی‌تو هرگز

Reza is busy selling Russian goods so as to provide money to marry Maryam. Once during the work, he saves the briefcase of the company's manager from being stolen. This provides a good opportunity for him to get a job at the company. But in order to take revenge, the thieves injure Reza and burn his house. Reza's face is burned in the incident so he inevitably distances himself from her fiance. Eventually, Reza will be able to get a recovery for his face and then he marries Maryam.

The film is about two people who are autistic adults that get married at an advanced age. After the marriage they want by having children give
new meaning to life, but they are not fertile.

فیلم در مورد دونفر آدم اوتیسمی است که در سن بالا موفق به ازدواج می شوند آنها بعد از ازدواج می خواهند به واسطه داشتن فرزند معنای جدید به زندگی خود بدهند اما متوجه می شوند قدرت باروری ندارند


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