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Never - Heyhat - هیهات

Never - Heyhat - هیهات

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu and +20 more languages

Never - Heyhat - هیهات

This episodic film is comprised of four stories, each sharing the central theme of Imam Hussein. A son must do whatever it takes to honor his mother’s dying wish of pilgrimage to Karbala, a war veteran cancels his pilgrimage plans to save his community, a wife searches for her husband who has been defending the holy shrine from terrorists, and a poor paternal orphan learns that the Imam is the only person worthy of pleading to...

فیلم هیهات یک فیلم اپیزودی و با موضوعات اجتماعی و مفاهیم عاشورایی است...