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Mysrety - Moama - معما


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Mysrety - Moama - معما

Mysrety - Moama - معما

Reza Dargahi is an employee of building facilities section in the airport. He is in a hurry returning home to take his pregnant wife to the hospital, but he hits a patrol policeman with his car. The policeman loses his weapon, and the police station forces and security agents come to the story. The US president is coming to Iran in the near future so the issue of the lost weapon is seriously investigated. Reza Dargahi is arrested by the security administration (SAVAK) and is tortured. As a result of a common search of captain Kiani (the Police Station deputy) and Ghasemi (an officer at the Criminal Investigation Department), the weapon is found in a raceway near the place the accident has occurred. Apparently, the problem is solved, but Reza Dargahi is killed by SAVAK officers and they also order to arrest captain Kiani and Ghasemi.


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