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My Tribe, Kormanj - Ile Man Kormanj - ایل من کرمانج

My Tribe, Kormanj - Ile Man Kormanj - ایل من کرمانج

My Tribe, Kormanj - Ile Man Kormanj - ایل من کرمانج
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A series of 49 documentary films by 31 filmmakers, Children of the Land of Iran provides a window into the traditions, rituals and people within the rich and diverse culture of Iran.

In Khorasan, there are around 300 small and large Kurdish Kormanj tribes who live in various areas in the region. During the Safavid era, these tribes were moved on several occasions from the west of Iran to Khorasan. Now these tribes make up an important part of the region. Bahram Azimpour’s 'My Tribe, Kormanj' provides fascinating insight into the cultural traditions of the Kormanji, spanning 20 years. The documentary specifically follows the lives, work and celebrations of women and children of the Kormanj tribe in the Dargaz region. A film that relies heavily on its cinematography to unlock a hidden world through rarely seen footage, 'My Tribe Kormanj' is not to be missed.


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