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My Lady Gaga - Lady Gagaye Man - لیدی گاگای من

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My Lady Gaga - Lady Gagaye Man - لیدی گاگای من

My Lady Gaga - Lady Gagaye Man - لیدی گاگای من
User Rating

This short film, directed by Shahyar Kabiri, who also portrays the main character, is about a jobless man with a seemingly directionless life. He is obsessed with Lady Gaga, spending his days surfing the internet for breaking news related to the star. After he is finally told to leave his shared house until he finds a job, he makes it his mission to break into the music industry and situate himself at the helm of Lady Gaga’s world tours. 'My Lady Gaga' is a compelling and naturalistic film that explores the dark nature of obsession.

Shahyar Kabiri
Shahyar Kabiri