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My Heritage, Insanity - Mirase Man Jonoon - میراث من جنون


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My Heritage, Insanity - Mirase Man Jonoon - میراث من جنون

My Heritage, Insanity - Mirase Man Jonoon - میراث من جنون

Mahdi is fascinated with Goli and follows her everywhere. He cannot bear the presence of Goli's fiancee, Amir, and eventually murders him. Amir's disappearance worries Goli. While trying to find Amir, she faces Mahdi and is raped. Mahdi is caught and put on trial, but he is released due to insufficient evidence. After being released, Mahdi starts to bother Goli. Goli's father who has a heart disease, dies after facing Mahdi, and Goli soon finds out that Mahdi is after her sister Roya. Meanwhile, Amir's corpse is discovered and the police is looking for the murderer. They set a trap after calling Goli, who tells them she believes Mahdi is the killer. Upon finding out about their plan, Mahdi kills an officer and wounds Goli. He pursues Roya, but Goli finds him and kills him.


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