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My Father's Bones - Ostokhoonaye Babam - استخوونای بابام

My Father's Bones - Ostokhoonaye Babam - استخوونای بابام

My Father's Bones - Ostokhoonaye Babam - استخوونای بابام

In this farcical drama, a family has gathered for the first time in 52 years. The reason: to divide their deceased father's wealth between themselves. After travelling to Mashhad, they discover that the departed Haj Mahmood Ghorbani has left the majority of his fortune to his second wife, of whom there is no trace. This puts a spanner in the works for Ghorbani’s first wife, who is eager to get her hands on the money she feels she is due. The family must therefore band together to look for Ghorbani’s second wife. An enjoyable comedy with plenty of laugh out loud moments.

Children of Haj Mahmoud Ghorbani, without knowing each other, gather in Mashhad after 52 years to divide their father's heritage. Haj Mahmoud's first wife is present but his second wife, who is the main heir, is nowhere to be found. According to judge's verdict, they should all find Haj Mahmoud's second wife to determine how to divide the heritage. Their search creates a funny storyline.

فرزندان حاج محمود قرباني بدون آشنايي با يكديگر، براي تقسيم ميراث پدر، پس از 52 سال در مشهد گرد هم مي‌آيند. همسر اول حاج محمود - جهت تقسيم ميراث حاضر است، وي از همسر دوم ولي كه وراث بحش اصلي ثروت است، خبري در دست نيست. طبق حكم قاضي بايستي همگي براي يافتن همسر دوم حاج محمود و روشن نمودن تكليف انحصار وراثت، اقدام نمايند و اين كارزاري بس مهيب و خنده‌آور را به وجود مي‌آورد.