My Daughter Sahar - Dokhtaram Sahar - دخترم سحر


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My Daughter Sahar - Dokhtaram Sahar - دخترم سحر

My Daughter Sahar - Dokhtaram Sahar - دخترم سحر

Sahar is the seven-year-old, disabled daughter of Javad and Atefeh who lives along with her parents in a rental apartment at Ekbatan Town. Atefeh is hoping that her daughter will get better by surgery. Javad is a normal employee who struggles with economic problems because of all the expenses of a living, and has to pay for Sahar's treatment as well. On the other hand, Reza is a theater director who is trying to make a theater for the children, and asks Javad, who used to be an actor, to help him. The mixture of life, theater and the children's world, counts as a new life for Sahar.

زن و شوهر جوانی برای معالجه دختر معلول خود، سحر، كش مكش دارند. مرد كه در مضیغه مالی است امیدی به بهبودی دختر ندارد. در همین گیر و دار یكی از دوستان مرد، كه كارگردان تئاتر است، او را ترغیب می كند كه در نمایشی بازی کند.


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