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Mr Yousef - Agha Yousef - آقا یوسف

Mr Yousef - Agha Yousef - آقا یوسف

Subtitles: English, Arabic and +20 more languages

Mr Yousef - Agha Yousef - آقا یوسف

Agha Yousef is living with his only daughter. He does everything he can for a living and for his daughter's sake hoping she is his forever. But a misunderstanding makes everything really complicated for him...

. آقا یوسف بازنشسته است ، و از پنج سال پیش دور از چشم دخترش در خانه های مردم کار میکند حوادثی که در این خانه ها بویژه در دومین خانه رخ میدهد مستقیما به ربط پیدا میکند و زندگی او را دگرگون می سازد

Yosouf Meskob buys two Sangak breads every morning, one for himself and one for an old woman neighboar who we never see. Mr. Yosouf eats breakfast with his daughter Rana. He picks up his bag and goes to work. On his way, he enters a coffee house that all its patrons know him. He eats breakfast again with his friend Morteza Jabari. He changes his bag with another one and goes to a job that he is ashamed to let his daughter know. Mr. Yosouf cleans people’s houses. Morteza sometimes gives him a ride and they talk on the way. Morteza has been sperated from his wife Esmat for years and is not allowed to see his daughter Maryam. Mr. Yosouf’s mediation did not make any difference. He goes to his daughter-in-law's and grandchild’s houses every afternoon before going home. His son Hamid has gone to Canada for some time and Mr. Yosouf has been taking care of his family. Yosouf is very attached to Rana and worries about her. He works in a house whose owner is a doctor that we never see but women are constantly calling him. Targol who works in the doctor’s house talk to Mr. Yosouf about the comings and goings of the women to the house. One day Mr. Yosouf is cleaning the house when…