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The Mouse - Moosh - موش

The Mouse - Moosh - موش

The Mouse - Moosh - موش

The Americans have succeeded in toppling the government of Saddam Hussein. However, for Iraq's new invaders, removing the regime proves to only be the tip of the iceberg. Having done away with the Baathist regime in Baghdad, the Americans embark on a process of rebuilding Iraq's state institutions. Citizen Khaled becomes embroiled in political upheaval after witnessing a car bombing, and soon finds himself in such a state prison. There, he encounters the spirited Rahman, a member of the resistance movement. Khaled, having been manipulated by the media and his government, must decide whether standing up for humanity and freedom is worth the risk to himself and his family. An utterly gripping portrayal of Iraq's upheaval.

The severe political situation in Iraq has also affected the country's social and economic conditions. People are often unable to plan and prospect for their career and life. Khaled and Zoha are a couple who are working as photographers and reporters. Like most other Iraqis, they are invaded by the enemy. They actually enter a political state in which they have to stand up and struggle against the opposition, instead of building the foundation of their family.

اوضاع سیاسی و ملتهب عراق در وضعیت نابسامان اقتصادی و خاصه در حوزه اجتماعی نیز تاثیر گذار بوده است، اکثرا قادر به برنامه ریزی و آینده نگری در زمینه شغلی و یا زندگی خانوادگی شان نیستند، از آن جمله زوج خالد و ضحی عکاس و خبرنگار یک روزنامه محلی که مثل اکثر ملت عراق، مورد هجوم قرار گرفته و عملا وارد یک چرخه سیاسی و درگیری و مقاومت با مخالفان می شوند و به جای آنکه بنیان خانواده را بنا نهند همراه دیگر مبارزان تا پای جان پیش میروند...