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Mourning - Soug - سوگ

Mourning - Soug - سوگ

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Indonesian and +20 more languages

Mourning - Soug - سوگ

In this darkly comic road trip, a deaf couple take responsibility for their nephew, Arshia, following the death of his parents. Most children are ignorant to the problems of adults by sheer ignorance but Arshia literally cannot understand the frantic signing between his aunt and uncle. What follows is a film that stands out for its cinematic poetry by conveying the premise that even where disability is present, compassion is universal through even the simplest of gestures.

نیمه شب دعوای شدیدی میان زن و شوهری درمی گیرد. آن ها كه در خانه یكی از اقوام هستند، شبانه بیرون می‎زنند اما فرزندشان را همراه خود نمی برند. اتفاق بدی می افتد كه