Mountain - Kooh - کوه


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Mountain - Kooh - کوه

Mountain - Kooh - کوه

After Iran, United States and Japan, the U.S.-based Iranian auteur Amir Naderi has shot "Mountain" in Italy. He is the only filmmaker who has made movies in four countries in four languages. He says: ultimately my characters are all survivors, because I believe humans should always make something impossible possible. Italian actors Andrea Sartoretti, whose credits include Mission Impossible 3, A.C.A.B. and TV series Crime Novel (aka Romanzo Criminale), and Claudia Potenza (Basilicata Coast to Coast) have starred in Naderi's " Mountain".

"Mountain" or "Monte" in Italian, has been selected out of competition at the 73rd annual Venice International Film Festival where Amir Naderi has received Venice's Jaeger-Lecoultre Glory To The Filmmaker Award 2016. The Iranian director says his new film Monte, shot in the Italian Alps, is very much about pushing myself to the limit. Many years ago, in a semi-abandoned village at the feet of a mountain, lives Agostino with his wife Nina and the son ...

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