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Mother of the Earth - Madare Zamin - مادر زمین

Mother of the Earth - Madare Zamin - مادر زمین

Mother of the Earth - Madare Zamin - مادر زمین

This documentary takes a brief look at Hayedeh Shirzadi and her husband’s shared life, love and work and their attempt to put an end to the dumping and burial of urban garbage. Due to their hard work and ingenuity, 100% of the city of Kermanshah’s garbage is now recycled and the bio waste is made into organic fertilizers.
Shirzadi studied recycling in Germany. She returned to Iran in order to clean up the environment, to stop the destruction of arable land, and to curb air and water pollution. Her first attempts were ignored but she kept at the local government until she was successful in getting the job of waste manager, first in her birth place Gilane Gharb and then in Kermanshah. She also traveled around Iran and helped establish recycling center in many cities. Today Kermanshah’s waste is all recycled and converted into useful products.
She is an energetic leader and the fate of the earth is her main concern. Shirzadi has recently launched a site for recycling construction rubble.

نگاهی به زندگی و کارِ مشترک هایده شیرزادی و همسرش ادموند لمپگز و تلاش آنها برای قطع کامل دفن زباله های شهری و تبدیل پسماند به بیوكمپوست و تولید کود آلی برای کشاورزی ارگانیک.