Morva - Morvaa - مروا


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Morva - Morvaa - مروا

Morva - Morvaa - مروا

People of an old neighborhood in Boushehr have all a role to play in the traditional religious play, Tazieh. Moharam is approaching and the residents' concern is to perform this elegy which its importance and popularity has passed across the Persian Gulf. Shemr, one the main roles of the performance, is in jail because of a sudden incident, although he is innocent. People try to find a solution.

داستان فیلم در مورد پسری است که قصد بازی در شبیه شمر در تعزیه را دارد که با مخالفت مادرش روبرو می شود

The story is about preparing one of the religious ceremonies of Ashora in Bushehr when suddenly one of the participants faces some problems…

Karim Faeghian
Karim Faeghian
Karim Faeghian
Shahin Bahramnezhad, Gholamreza Farajzadeh, Najaf Kazerouni, Ali Ghorbani ( علی قربانی ), Gholam Hossein Barouni, Fatemeh Khormaei Pour
Karim Faeghian
Set Designer
Zeinab Arabi, Idris Abdipour
Karim Faeghiana


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