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Mohey - Mohi - ماحی

Mohey - Mohi - ماحی

Mohey - Mohi - ماحی
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Based on a true story, director Davood Khayyam uses events that resulted from the PIP implant scandal as inspiration for his cautionary tale. Plucked from an orphanage as a young girl, Mohey is not living the life she hoped for. Separated from her twin sister and abused by her benefactor, she has become ensnared in a life of underhand dealings and illegal trading, where her intellect and beauty are used as commodities. When Mohey is coerced into a temporary marriage to secure a deal, she reluctantly agrees, determined that her cut will finally buy her freedom. However, the underworld is not ready to let her go.

فیلم ماحی با بازی آناهیتا نعمتی و مهران احمدی که براساس داستانی واقعی است داستان زنی به اسم ماحی است که از خواهر دوقلوش جدا می شود و به عنوان دختر یتیم به کار های خلاف می افتد و از زیبایی و هوشش به عنوان کمکی برای پیشرفتش استفاده می کند و وقتی مجبور به ازدواج برای یک معامله میشود ....

The film's story is based on real events. It happens between the years of 2012 and 2013 and shows the life of a woman named Mahi. Her condition also tells the meaning of the word Mahi which here means 'destroyer'.


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